Nothing Standard.Custom Solutions.

We've learned a lot over 50 years. Assembly line "cookie-cutter" trailers just don't work. Purchase a new trailer, add options you couldn't get. Work around "features" you don't use.

We want to build your solution, the first time.

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Utility/Equipment Trailers
Folding Neck Trailers
Detachable Neck Trailers
Lowboy Trailers
Oil Field Trailers

Your Name. Your Solutions. Our Workmanship.

Trailers is what we do. We've developed a documentation heavy, fixture based design approach that delivers consistent results.

Add Capacity

Suppliment your labor force to handle volume ebbs and flows.

Private Label - Silent Partner

Private label is a big part of our business. We have a 20 year history of making trailer platforms for customers to build their product on.

Your Branding

  • Decals
  • Mudflaps
  • Color Combinations
  • Options

Part sales can be handled by our team or yours. We use industry norm suppliers to help keep servicing headaches to a minimum. Parts stocking programs can be implemented on a case-by-case basis.

Supplemental Volume

Don't lose a contract due to schedule constraints again. We're the perfect sub-contractor. Let us help fill the production void. Using a trailer as a platform? Concentrate on your equipment and let us handle the rest.

Military. We have an active cage code, and 40 years of history shipping deliverables to all branches of the military, including extensive experience applying CARC based coatings.

Dealers -- You too.

You know your market better than anyone. If you have an idea for a solution to a market need you serve, and want your own product line, we're here to help.

We regularly work with equipment dealers for the + a trailer upsell. If you're a dealer for heavy machinery, keep in touch.



We have experience serving all 6 branches of the military. A large part of the Military's current fleet is built upon our prototypes.

On Time, On Budget

Fixed-Price contracts, realistic deliverables, commited team to follow the project through. We understand that in order to protect our armed forces, we need to focus on the job at hand. We've proudly shipped trailers across the world to do so.

Supplemental Contracting

While the Military's purchasing trend is sole source, we feel this puts undue risk on the Government. We have the experience and capacity to be a secondary source option on critical trailer needs.
Holden Industries is a veteran owned, small business set aside qualified manufacturer.


20 years later, we still supply parts for contracts from the 90's. Our parts department is dedicated to keeping our equipment on the road. We understand that servicability is a chief concern. We're up to the task.


Our cage code goes back decades, and we're still servicing those trailers today.

Needing Parts?


Old and New

No Floor Plan Required

We build to order. No Lines of Credit needed here.

No Exclusivity Requirements.
We want to fill the voids your current offerings have.

Dealer Pricing
Warranty included on all sales. Parts department at the ready after.

Customer concierge service.
We'll help get the customer's last-mile details. You get the sale.

Capture More Sales

We strive to fill the gaps that the big boys miss.
Use us to expand your reach.

Fast quote turn around. 24 Hours or less in most cases.
Adaptive Quoting - Option and Quantity Pricing.

Specialize in goosenecks and get a customer wanting a deckover?
We're here to help you capture those sales.

Remove Option Stacking.
Trailers are not pulled off a assembly line as an exception to our norm.
This means our options are a lot cheaper than most.

Private Label Opportunities.
Joint or sole branding approaches available.
Expand your brand and reach.

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